Strategic Processes and Designs

A service blue print is a picture or map that accurately portrays the service system so that the different people involved in providing it can understand and deal with it objectively regardless of their individual points of view.



Is a tool for simultaneously depicting the service process, the point of customer contact and the evidence of service from the customer’s point of view.

We apply this tool for:-

  • Business development
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Financial performance measurement
    • Management control systems
    • Enterprise Resilience and Risk Management
    • Source and structure of finance
    • Business Performance Management
  • Strategic mapping
    • Feasibility Surveys and Blueprinting
  • Corporate re-engineering
  • Process Optimization
    • Project Management
  • Master information systems planning
    • Software Development and Specialized Integration
    • Technology Evaluations
  • Design, implementation and management of Cutting edge Selling strategies
    • Design and implement sales Incentive schemes
    • Retail field marketing strategies including merchandising and promotions
    • Sales Intelligence and Dash boarding
    • Professional engagements on key core activities for skills development and knowledge sharing trainings
    • Recruitment, Training and management of key multifaceted personnel required to augment the selling function
    • Channel Marketing strategy
  • Marketing advertising and communication management
    • Understanding and evaluating target market requirements
    • Marketing, communication, trade marketing and sales strategies that work.
    • Optimising market potential and planning for product and marketing flexibility and delivering maximum impact.


  • Educating employees into becoming an integral part of the marketing team.