How we operate



The demand by independent clients to spend monies judiciously ensuring extended value for their rands, together with the absolute need to sharpen pencils more regularly and the expansive gap which has appeared in the marketing and financial departments and functions of many companies required iProcon to expand its services and provide a unique integrated multidisciplinary business development approach to deliver and sustain maximum competitive advantage for their clients.

We have offices in Johannesburg, Durban. We use industry-leading frameworks and best practices coupled with creative innovative solutions to provide intelligent marketing and business solutions that allow our clients to achieve their strategic and operational goals and objectives.


Due to the unique professional support structure the company commissions relevant specialist professionals on a project specific basis. This structure allows the company to be extremely selective on the client side, maintain a high level of flexibility and innovation which is cost effective for both the client and the company.

  • The active participation of our company‚Äôs most senior people.
  • A staffing philosophy of fewer, better people and their effective utilisation
  • A highly interactive Client Company relationship, governed by mutual respect.